Marcos Martins

Samba has always been present in Marcos’ life since he was a little human being. His father would play records from artists such as João Nogueira and Paulinho da Viola while Marcos would be playing around with his toys.

After a friend taught Marcos his first chords on the guitar, he started to listen to rock and roll music and learned all he could on the instrument. But the seeds were planted already and the Brazilian music would come out sooner or later! 

A big fan of João Nogueira, Noel Rosa, and Cartola, Marcos joined forces with Luana Cunha (who also loves those guys and their music!) to bring to life a project that filled their hearts with joy, and that needed to be shared with the world! 

Recently graduated from Brandon University (M.Mus.) in Brandon, MB, Marcos also studied at Conservatório Brasileiro de Música (B.Mus.) and Escola de Música Villa-Lobos (music initiation), both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.