About us


Sarau Carioca is a Brazilian duo composed of guitarist Marcos Martins and singer Luana Cunha.

Celebrating their admiration for Samba and Bossa Nova, Sarau Carioca brings interpretations of some of the pearls of Brazilian music, including compositions by CartolaTom Jobim, Noel Rosa, Vinicius de MoraesAdoniran Barbosa, Baden Powell, Lupicínio Rodrigues, and Carlos Lyra, to name a few. 

The content in the works of these artists vary from everyday life situations, to love stories, to sad stories, to hilarious situations, to the joy of being around the ones we love. You can find translations of some of the repertoire online. 

The thing that all these artists have in common is the music that serves as vehicle for their ideas: samba. Samba is an African-Brazilian music genre that was born in the nineteenth-century in the state of Bahia (northeast of Brazil) and was developed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The genre became famous worldwide when, in the 1960s, a movement known as bossa nova caught the attention of the jazz world. Since then, many artists all over the globe have recorded and performed this music that brings us so much joy.  

We invite you all to come with us on this trip to the distant lands of the south, and to taste the flavours of this rich culture that we love and praise. 

Sarau Carioca is a tribute to the illustrious names of Brazilian popular music. Beautiful, pleasant, enthralling and joyful, the Brazilian music always enchants the audience.