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Sarau Carioca is a Winnipeg-based Brazilian duo composed of guitarist Marcos Martins and singer Luana Cunha. Celebrating their admiration for Samba and Bossa Nova, they have been bringing to different venues in Canada interpretations of some of the pearls of Brazilian music, including compositions by Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Baden Powell, and Noel Rosa, to name a few.  Currently Sarau Carioca has been working on original songs for a new project. 

"Sarau Carioca is a delightful Brazilian music outfit thriving in Winnipeg, Canada. Their performance of bossa nova and samba classics can transport listeners to the warm winds and bright personalities of Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas. Plus they're writing new songs, contributing to the legacy of bossa nova in a new way. Personally I love listening to Luana's voice, and Marcos playing is top-notch and he is clearly very well educated. I'll be looking out for their next release!"
“With their evocative interpretations of classic songs from their Brazilian homeland, Winnipeg duo Sarau Carioca have introduced the lush sounds of samba and bossa nova to receptive new audiences. They’ve developed a reputation as performers who are equally at home in a coffee shop setting as they are on a big festival stage, and have injected some much-needed new international vibes into the local music scene.”
''The music of Luana Cunha & Marcos Martins, or Sarau Carioca, has been a wonderful addition to our Restaurant. They regularly receive high praise from staff and patrons alike and strike the perfect balance between serving as both a tastefully engaging background and a strong focus for those looking to sink into their groove. The fact that they're such a pleasure to work with is yet another reason why we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an intoxicating blend of samba and bossa nova - or just good music in general."

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Email: info@saraucarioca.com
Phones: (204) 471-7785
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